some anonymous comments from spring 2014 students

math 266 chaos, fractals, and dynamical systems

What did you like about the instructor' s method of teaching?

Everything. Danforth is the best teacher I've ever had. His excitement about his subject is contagious. His casual and open manner makes him very approachable; I've never felt as comfortable asking questions or making comments in class as I have been in his class.

Fun, approachable, smart, qualified.

Absolutely loved his enthusiasm, and his demeanor. He was a pleasure to learn from.

Involved and passionate.

He verbally communicates difficult concepts clearly. His homework sets are challenging and help us learn. He follows the book both in order, presentation and scope. This is extremely helpful.

Very enthusiastic about course material

Great explanations, everything is clear.

Class was always very open and energetic. The homework was a good extension of what we learned in class.

Good balance between examples and theory.

Chris is very good at conveying the amazingness of the topic.

Enthusiasm about the subject.

Gives thorough explanations of material, office hours were quite helpful.

Prof. Danforth does a great job of teaching complicated mathematics to a class with very mixed levels of experience.

What did you like most about this course?

Challenging, interesting, the professor.

Mind Blowing

I liked the homework sets. There were many homeworks and at times it felt like a lot of work, but I liked it.

New and interesting material.

Mind blowing topics.

It gave me a deep understanding of basic concepts in dynamic systems theory, such as attractor, Lyapunov number, etc.

I got a sense of accomplishment out of it.

The implications of the material to real life.

This course is quite probably the most fun and the most interesting that I've ever had at UVM. The regular homework due same day, same number of problems, same format, etc. was incredibly convenient; it made it very easy to work into my schedule and it made it less stressful to deal with because I knew what to expect.

The chaos

The nature of the material really forced you to look at problems in new ways and expanded my problem solving ability.

A very interesting and abstract concept. And Prof. Danforth is the man.